About Us

U-Run was founded by Drs. Alex Urteaga and Maria Lomba. They started U-Run because they felt a need to bring quality running shoes and accessories to the New Braunfels area.  They realize that proper shoe selection is a vital part of the running experience and is key to injury prevention.  Now U-Run is a stop for education for all things active; from nutrition to running form to stretching and beyond.

U-Run is here to serve our community of runners in any way possible. One of the many ways we are able to do so is through fitting people into the perfect shoe for them. First, by learning about the runner, then going through an in-depth foot gait analysis to assess your biomechanics, and finally, mining through our extensive product to get you into the best shoe possible to provide the comfort and support that will get you up and going! This is only the beginning!